I lost my job a few months ago, but I finally found a new job that paid a lot less. My lease was coming up for renewal, and I had to find a cheaper place to live. When I mentioned to one of my co-workers that I needed to find some used boxes and an inexpensive moving company, he told me he’d get back to me the next day.

I came to work the next morning to find a stack of gently used boxes outside my cubicle, but no one would admit they had left them. Rather than press the issue, I wrote a note of thanks and pinned it to the outside of my cubby. Every morning boxes would arrive, and it continued until I added to the thank you note that I had enough boxes.

My co-worker told me he’d found me a good mover, asked for my address and told me not to worry about it. On the morning of my move, three small trucks and about two dozen of my co-workers showed up to move me. A few of the older ladies said they couldn’t pick up boxes or furniture, so they were there to take care of drinks and food.

It only took a couple of hours to load up everything I had, and we set off for my new place in a caravan. I was amazed at how efficient everyone was, and I asked about it as we had lunch at my new place. They told me most of them had taken a job that paid a lot less and many of them had needed help after they began working again. They felt it would make them feel like family if they helped each other, so now I can’t wait for someone else to move so I can pay it forward.